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Thursday, June 15, 2006

3/4 mile of dirt paved the way for NASCAR

Charlotte Observer - For those of you who yearn for racing the way it used to be, which is another way of saying racing the way it ought to be, drive to 2900 Little Rock Road. As airplanes flew above and trucks moved past, a historical marker in front of Allison's Used

NBA playoffs schedule
Detroit News - MIAMI -- Really, as it comes down to yet another "Biggest Game of the Season," it comes down to two questions. Are some doubts lifted from the Pistons? Are some doubts planted with the Heat? Some, yes, absolutely. Enough? Not so sure. The Pistons

For gavel groupies, Polk trial is the best
San Francisco Gate - A couple of weeks ago, 17-year-old Greer Shurtleff posed a question to her mother, who had been putting off a mastectomy. "What's more important to you," she asked, "your health or your trial?" "Well," her mother replied, "my trial." Alison Shurtleff

Peoples Weekly World - Participants from many East Bay community and labor organizations gathered for the Socially Responsible Network’s 2006 kick-off Jan. 21 and heard former Congressman Ronald V. Dellums deliver a ringing vision of Oakland’s future as a model city

Mike Monroe: Popovich protégé Brown takes in coach's advice
San Antonio Express News - Tipoff of Wednesday's Spurs- Mavericks Game 5 was being held up for the end of the Cleveland-Detroit game on TNT, the scheduled start time long since passed. Gregg Popovich was in his seat on the Spurs' bench for the delayed introductions when

Sign up by Friday for Challenge
Daily Journal - There's one week left to step on the scales and start on a healthier lifestyle during the St. Francois County Heart Healthy Challenge. The Challenge will award prizes to the people who lose the biggest percentage of body weight from May 28 through

Dripping Springs' Tuck Rule: stay loose, have fun, win games
Austin American-Statesman - Dripping Springs coach Keith Tuck, with daughter and player Megan, has kept the Tigers loose this season by allowing the players to have fun. The strategy has carried them into the state tourney. Onlookers of a Dripping Springs practice will be

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Daily Herald - Wow, this has certainly been an interesting read, all 49 pages of it. Got a few things to say and my apologies up front for a few things, #1 spelling, im bad at it and dont care, so please dont use that to down on me. #2 brevity is not one of my

Brangelina pics were 'fair use'
Out-Law - A gossip website which still carries disputed pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's baby says that its publishing of the pictures constitutes 'fair use'. Time Inc, publishers of People magazine, and Getty Images, which took the pictures, pursued


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