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Monday, June 19, 2006

Altered Activity In Receptor Pair Points To Further Complexity In Schizophrenia Pathology 

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have identified a striking dysregulation in neuronal receptor activity in the postmortem brain tissue from patients with schizophrenia. They were able to identify a relationship between the two receptor groups, suggesting a mechanism for decreased function that has long been suspected in schizophrenia.

Get the latest results from the Stanley Cup, the World Cup, the NBA finals and the French Open in our Sports pages 
It was a big night for London City for a change. They did some things they haven't done this year. They finally scored a goal at home. They came back twice when they were trailing.

Living on a vegetable-free diet 
The Inuit sourced their vitamin C from meat that was raw or barely cooked. The vegetably impoverished diet of the inhabitants of Lotschental, resulted in few childhood illnesses.

Loose Ends: Eminem Ringtone Lawsuits, Doherty In Rehab And More DMX Charges 
Eminem 's music publishing companies have reached an undisclosed settlement with Cellus USA after the company was sued for illegally selling the rapper's ringtones.

Paris Hilton blind to music 
Some things we do because we want to. Some we do because we have to. Case in point: Viewing Paris Hilton's videos.

Al Gore's inconvenient truths 
Al Gore's documentary film about the danger of global warming is in the theaters. A bit surprising is the almost universal critical praise and audience approval both here and abroad.

Dixie Melody Boys -- Doors open at 6:15 today, Amish Door Restaurant & Village, 1210 Winesburg St., Wilmot. $28. Dinner served at 6:30. 330-359-5464.


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