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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Authorities Raid Largest Torrent Site

Beta News - Selling a small amount of crack or marijuana may seem small time, when there are serial murderers on the loose, but that doesn However, to agree with that sort of ideology is like saying McDonald's made you fat. I've played GTA since it first came

Woman to Woman
Atlanta Journal Constitution - In March 2006, a Michigan man filed a lawsuit to get off paying child support for his baby. He said his former girlfriend knew he didn’t want kids, and had promised she couldn’t get pregnant. He argued that since it was her choice – not his

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?
El Paso News - If you're drinking skim milk, you're skimming off the fat. Well Vitamin D's a fat soluble vitamin so many people who think Bulldozers Move Into Wildwood Arroyo Smugglers Arraigned Loose Plane Part Delays Traffic on U.S. 54 Crash Kills Two Reward Offered

‘Garfield’ sequel a bland tale of kitties
News-Press - A very loose retelling of Mark Twain’s “Prince and the Pauper,” the movie has the fat and pampered house cat Garfield stowing away in the luggage of his owner (Breckin Meyer), who is planning to propose to his girlfriend (Jennifer Love Hewitt

Empty Stockings
Independent Record - An elderly woman would like some loose house smocks and slippers to keep her warm. A single mother of four children would like Lamps; serving fork; deep Teflon frying pans; large deep-fat fryer; Teflon-safe cooking utensils. Twin bedding. Cookie sheets

The Strokes prepare for another NZ visit
Stuff - cheekbones, perma-pouting lips, unruly hair, skinny-arse jeans, vintage pinstripe jackets, Cuban heels, and not an ounce of fat. The local blokes had oversized skater-boy shorts, bad sunglasses, fast-food pukus and no appreciation of the loose-limbed

Nutrition and Health
Washington Post - Muscle weighs much more than fat. That being said and for what ever reason you want to loose-eliminate that cheese and crackers. And the honey (no one actually measures 1 tsp, do they?) Also reconsider the ultra weight loss if you have fertility

Steve Hummer’s Game 2 analysis
Atlanta Journal Constitution - left with drive to the basket, pull up for the fade or watching foul shots “immaginative” bball with games on the line. the team concept of offense and defense is fun to watch and one that pressures the whole team. it aint over yet but the fat


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