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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Beware of the nutrition �experts� on blogs

Nashua Telegraph (subscription), NH - 10 hours ago... beverage, such as tea, coffee or caffeinated soda, your body will lose 12 ounces ... In low- or no-fat cereals, BHT can help protect fat-soluble vitamins that may ...

Unplanned dieting may lead to TB: Study
Hindu, India - 6 hours ago... "The insistence of women following any instructions to lose weight have ... ingredients of the food and should also know that high calorie and high fat diets have ...

Watchdog to push for pre-9pm ban on junk food ads
Daily Mail - UK, UK - 10 hours agoRestricting adverts for products high in fat, salt or sugar before the watershed ... such a move would limit commercials aimed at adults and lose broadcasters too ...


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