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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Brazil's strikeforce: The three Rs ... actually, just 2

Houston Chronicle, United States - Jun 13, 2006... The fat jokes aside (he could lose a few pounds, but couldn't we all), he looked pedestrian and not fit enough to play on this stage. ...

The Golden Age of Content
The Cud, Australia - 9 hours ago... If I want to watch fat Americans cry on a beach in Fiji I will tune in. (Or fly to Fiji.). ... If you give me bad content, you will lose money. ...

Delete your greens
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 5 hours ago... sprouts. You win some, you lose some. ... Snacks: 17 slices of ham, 12 prawn cocktails, large brie, small bucket of saturated fat. There ...

Athletics: Hydration / Liquids
RunnersWeb, Canada - Jun 13, 2006... You�ll get even hotter because you can�t lose much heat from your body surface. ... A cup of skimmed or non-fat milk, a cup of vegetable juice, plus an orange ...

Energy elixir mixes faith and fizz
Times Online, UK - Jun 11, 2006... is a distinction often lost on people who are hoping to lose weight. ... high doses of caffeine increasing the metabolic rate but not lipid fat oxidation � the ...

I�ll swim like a laydee
Haber Saglik, Turkey - Jun 11, 2006... he has found himself in a situation where turbulence caused him to lose sight of ... �Swimming was the only sport I ever felt competent at, being the fat boy at ...


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