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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Wake up, dieters! The low carb craze is nearly dead, and there's finally a diet where you can have your breadand lose it too. Everyone hates dieting, and according to Razs innovative approach, thats exactly the problem.

Do Low-Carb Diets Help Diabetes? 
Title: Do Low-Carb Diets Help Diabetes? Category: Health News Created: 6/19/2006 Last Editorial Review: 6/19/2006

Willing to exercise for bucks and cheers 
Each day I exercise I should be accompanied by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, who would spritz me with a cooling mist of beer when I appeared overheated.

Boosting dairy in diet may increase weight loss 
Q: I just heard on the news that June is National Dairy Month. Can you explain how 3-A-Day of Dairy can help you lose weight? A: A growing body of research indicates that enjoying three daily servings of dairy as part of a reduced-calorie diet can give adults better results when it comes to trimming the waistline than cutting calories alone.

How to learn to stop worrying and love the bod 
As we pulled on swimsuits for the Memorial Day weekend, many of us faced the reality of a sag here and a belly there with a question: "Where did that come from?"

Weight limits set for porkie posties 
PEOPLE over 90kg have been deemed too fat to deliver mail by Australia Post in a controversial ban on porkie posties.

Canes claim Stanley Cup 
The determination that was etched on Rod BrindAmours face throughout the NHL playoffs turned into beaming bliss as the captain of the Carolina Hurricanes raised the Stanley Cup over his head.

New guidelines urge healthy diet, exercise 
The American Heart Association recommends long-term, permanent changes in the way people eat and live.

What to eat when the lights go out 
Can't stomach Spam? Look for new tastes to stock your hurricane kit for the '06 season. LAST WEEK'S TANGO WITH ALBERTO WAS A DRESS REHEARSAL FOR HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS.


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