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Monday, June 19, 2006

Charter school open line

Arkansas Times - It's wrong. I learned something in all my classes this year. Some more than others. It's just that their teaching techniques are different. But does it matter, as long as we get a proper education? I was looking forward to next year. I'm currently a

Stricter sign laws aim to declutter the view
Nashville Tennessean - A proposed sign ordinance in Columbia, Tenn., could ban inflatable advertisements such as balloons and banners — even those promoting the town's annual Mule Day festival, an event that dates to the mid-1800s and generates major tourism dollars for

A-Basin puts the wraps on the ski season
Summit Daily News - ARAPAHOE BASIN - Colorado's epic ski season is officially over. Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, the last resort to remain open for skiing in the state, closed Sunday after a 227-day season, according to resort spokesperson Leigh Hierholzer. A warm June sun

Who's hot, who's not
Detroit News - MIAMI -- Really, as it comes down to yet another "Biggest Game of the Season," it comes down to two questions. Are some doubts lifted from the Pistons? Are some doubts planted with the Heat? Some, yes, absolutely. Enough? Not so sure. The Pistons

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Daily Herald - Wow, this has certainly been an interesting read, all 49 pages of it. Got a few things to say and my apologies up front for a few things, #1 spelling, im bad at it and dont care, so please dont use that to down on me. #2 brevity is not one of my

Dripping Springs' Tuck Rule: stay loose, have fun, win games
Austin American-Statesman - Dripping Springs coach Keith Tuck, with daughter and player Megan, has kept the Tigers loose this season by allowing the players to have fun. The strategy has carried them into the state tourney. Onlookers of a Dripping Springs practice will be

More fireworks danger
Fort Wayne News-Sentinel - More fireworks dangerBoth city and county police say they detected no noticeable increase in fireworks activity over the Memorial Day weekend, the first major holiday under Indiana’s new, looser fireworks law. Fort Wayne Fire Chief Ray Davie has a

Fashion to make 30 last past 40
Olympian - Women in their 40s and 50s today are as healthy and attractive as their mothers were at 30, and many women aren’t afraid to show it off. The good news is that some of the biggest fashion trends of this year and next will be perfectly suitable for


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