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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Column: Open is a tale told by an 'idiot'

Associated Press - to lose by one shot to Gary Player in 1961. But this collapse will raise more questions about Lefty's decisions. The perception of Mickelson before he broke through at the 2004 Masters was that he took too many risks, that he never saw the fat part of

A Refined Attack On Cancer
Hartford Courant - They threw everything they had at her cancer, causing her to lose her hair and suffer the exhaustion and discomfort of There's no conclusive evidence that exercising and sticking to a low-fat diet can help prevent breast cancer, but it

District looks to fire Austin High art teacher
Austin American-Statesman - Talk of Austin Should Tamara Hoover lose her job for posing topless in photographs that were posted on the Web? Post your This is fast becoming the foundation of the US, a so-called “moral” base that is working hard to make fat, stupid

Jenny Mccarthy Confesses To New Love
Post Chronicle - I had 60 pounds to lose. With the rest of the moms trying to lose their baby fat, I became friends with them, traded recipes and lost 3 pounds a week and, about seven months later, I lost all the baby fat." Copyright 2006 by United Press International

Try healthy options for breakfast
Detroit News - Bran muffins are tricky; some are high in fat, and most provide only a few grams of fiber. Bagels are low in fat (unless you and stay healthy, you can afford to "cheat" from time to time -- though if you're like most people, you'll gradually lose

Ask Rocco: I have hit my plateau, can I do anything to lose more
Cincinnati Enquirer - Ask Rocco: I have hit my plateau, can I do anything to lose more weight? Muscle is denser and thus weighs more per square inch than fat. So don't trust the scale. Look in the mirror, and see if


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