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Monday, June 19, 2006

Express Lane 

1 Guess who's coming to (cook) dinner?

Moyles faces radio ban after calling women 'dirty whores' 
Chris Moyles and other Radio 1 DJs have been warned they could be taken off air or fined if they continue to use offensive language, after a spate of complaints.

The Shape of Things to Come: A Tale Of Modern Agrarian Disaster 
By Gorman, Gail Most of us do not grow our own food. Even fewer people slaughter their own table meat. Nevertheless, civilization is still basically agrarian. Equally so, it has long been understood that humans who associate with animals are subject to greater degrees of disease.

Recreation digest 
Online edition of the Bismarck Tribune, a daily newspaper in Bismarck, ND. Features include news, classifieds, and other information and resources for Bismarck, Mandan, and North Dakota.

COOKBOOK: Turn the deck into a green-tea room 
A great way to enjoy a summer evening is to sit on the deck or back porch sipping a cool glass of iced green tea. Not only is it refreshing, but it's packed with antioxidants known to lower blood pressure, bolster immunity and reduce the incidence of cancer.

Luis on the loose: Orellana nets two goals as Rooks defeat Ruckus 
Of all those who doubt that 37-year-old Luis Orellana can still play a full 90 minutes in a competitive soccer game, perhaps no one is more skeptical than the veteran Chico Rooks standout himself.

Living on a vegetable-free diet 
The Inuit sourced their vitamin C from meat that was raw or barely cooked. The vegetably impoverished diet of the inhabitants of Lotschental, resulted in few childhood illnesses.

Loose Ends: Eminem Ringtone Lawsuits, Doherty In Rehab And More DMX Charges 
Eminem 's music publishing companies have reached an undisclosed settlement with Cellus USA after the company was sued for illegally selling the rapper's ringtones.


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