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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Four Ways to Lose Weight This Summer, NY - 4 hours ago... Follow these four easy steps to improve your summertime eating habits and lose weight. Pull out that swimsuit and get started: Put away the sodas. ...

Fathers get no respect
Picayune Item, MS - 1 hour ago... They get morning sickness, gain weight and suffer much pain during labor´┐Ż.if they ... Divorced fathers, many of the times lose the privilege of living with their ...

Bye-bye fries, hello healthier roasted mustard potatoes
Charlotte Observer, NC - 14 hours ago... When I started trying to lose weight, I searched for healthier versions of my favorite foods. Fries were near the top of my hit list. ...

Fitness buffs seek workout partners in cyberspace
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 53 minutes ago... "That really got me started thinking, boy, I need to lose some weight," said McKevitt, 28, who has used the site with her boyfriend to find puppies and sailing ...


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