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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gut Microbes' Partnership Helps Body Extract Energy From Food, Store It As Fat 

Researchers studying mutually beneficial interactions between members of our vast community of friendly gut microorganisms have shown that two common organisms collude and collaborate to increase the amount of calories harvested from a class of carbohydrates found in food sweeteners. In the study, conducted in previously germ-free mice, colonization with two prominent human gut microbes led to

Nacho Libre not so funny 
Napoleon Dynamite is one of those polarizing films that people either love or hate. Yet even the films most fervent admirers understand why so many despise it.

Reality Radio: Reporter Documenting Her Weight-Loss Journey in an NPR Series 
By Cynthia Hubert, The Sacramento Bee, Calif. Jun. 18--Like countless others, Farai Chideya is vowing to change her life: She's trying to lose weight and get fit. But unlike most of us, Chideya is doing it under a microscope.


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