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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Living on a vegetable-free diet 

The Inuit sourced their vitamin C from meat that was raw or barely cooked. The vegetably impoverished diet of the inhabitants of Lotschental, resulted in few childhood illnesses.

Kitco - Contributed Commentaries - Richard Daughty 
- Last Friday, after gobbling a handful of assorted tranquilizers washed down with coffee, my wife tied me to a chair before looking in the Wall Street Journal to see the report of new Total Reserve Bank Credit on page C 12. Cinching the last of the knots, she picks up the paper and reports "It says here that it's up $2,460."

Students' Device May Improve Chest Closure After Heart Surgery 
To operate on the heart, surgeons usually cut through the breastbone. After correcting the heart problem, they reconnect the sternum by piercing it with steel wires, pulling the bone segments together and twisting the wires tight. Because this half-century-old technique poses some risks to both the surgeon and the patient, undergraduates at The Johns Hopkins University have invented a less

Luis on the loose: Orellana nets two goals as Rooks defeat Ruckus 
Of all those who doubt that 37-year-old Luis Orellana can still play a full 90 minutes in a competitive soccer game, perhaps no one is more skeptical than the veteran Chico Rooks standout himself.

Events Search 
Thank God for Jesus. It seems we just cant get enough of him. In fact, says the Canadian actor and playwright Rick Miller , were constantly finding new ways to merchandize (if not sanctify) the 2,000-year-old prophet, whether in action figures, boxer shorts, South Park episodes, or sweeping Mel Gibson blockbusters.

Recreation digest 
Online edition of the Bismarck Tribune, a daily newspaper in Bismarck, ND. Features include news, classifieds, and other information and resources for Bismarck, Mandan, and North Dakota.

Dixie Melody Boys -- Doors open at 6:15 today, Amish Door Restaurant & Village, 1210 Winesburg St., Wilmot. $28. Dinner served at 6:30. 330-359-5464.

Fish vanishes with a flick of its fat head 
When it comes to the big brown trout that fin in the sometimes-mellow waters of the Red Deer River that are discharged from the Dickson dam, you don't actually fish for them. You hunt them.

VLS Beach Reads: The Summer's Best Books 
VLS Beach Reads: Relax with a pre-Scientology L. Ron Hubbard, other people's notebooks, and a carnivorous plant (By Tom Tomorrow)


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