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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mike Monroe Mike Monroe: Popovich protégé Brown takes in coach's

San Antonio Express News - Of all the advice he gave me," Brown said, "the biggest thing that has really come in handy, especially with the close The Cavs certainly have seemed the looser team the past three games, and Brown deserves credit for keeping them from

War stress creeps into work life
Detroit Free Press - The biggest adjustment has been the disconnect from coworkers that don't understand what it was like," said Cummings, a His new employer expected him to run his own office and he had a looser set of instructions than he was used to. "I always

Charter school open line
Arkansas Times - It's wrong. I learned something in all my classes this year. Some more than others. It's just that their teaching techniques are different. But does it matter, as long as we get a proper education? I was looking forward to next year. I'm currently a

Senators back looser immigration policy
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Senators back looser immigration policy Illegal presence not a crime under panel's plan By CRAIG GILBERT cgilbert Perhaps the most contentious issue and the biggest obstacle to House-Senate agreement involves the illegal population in the

France’s “non”, Holland’s “nee”, Europe’s crisis
Open Democracy - reverberating across Europe, probably to be followed by a Dutch nee on 1 June – tipping the European Union into the biggest It is all a long way from the more comfortable days of the European Economic Community and the looser European Free Trade

Words don’t fail him
Kansas City Star - Perhaps the biggest departure from past efforts is the spirit of improvisation that runs through this show. It derives in part from Gobber’s use of flimsy everyday materials such as cardboard and plastic, and in part from his looser, more casual

Astros flash offensive might in win
Philadelphia Phillies - Sunday will have a carryover effect, but his 3-for-5 performance made up for plenty of lost time and was one of the biggest I usually am looser when I throw the ball." Sunday's win allowed the Astros to break even at 5-5 on a homestand that began

Fashion to make 30 last past 40
Olympian - The good news is that some of the biggest fashion trends of this year and next will be perfectly suitable for older women. A look Kinsel recommends is a strong, tailored, straight-leg pant with a looser, flowing jacket. Add a tangle of long

The Coming Charity Crackdown
Forbes - The Senate Finance Committee agrees and is rustling up the biggest overhaul of this part of the code in 36 years. Charles The token payout requirement is a relic of a looser regulatory era. Under one proposal at which Grassley and Baucus are


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