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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Monitor Blogs

McAllen Monitor - 1) Thou Shalt Not Let Anyone Else Use Your Account (We want to make sure they've seen the user agreement.) 2) Thou Shalt Not Post Anything Vulgar, Hateful Or Otherwise Attack Anyone's Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation (Please, can't we all just get

Canadian Rockies: Heli-hiking, porcupines and bears, oh my! - A grey fox led me to the Canadian Rockies. Or I should say "The Grey Fox," a 1982 movie starring curmudgeonly Richard Farnsworth that was so wonderfully filmed deep in British Columbia and Alberta, where the spine of the Rockies runs jaggedly through

Advance Australia fair
Irish Times - Hot times in World Cup City. For seven days under the roaring German sun the princes and the pretenders have been presenting their credentials. Good fun at court. England have toiled, but swagged six svenly points. Argentina, Italy and Spain have

Ingram: We need power, Scotty!
Globe and Mail - Okay, it hasn't really moved -- it's still here. But it has been superseded by a new and improved version of Geekwatch, which lives in a new location at . It has a whole lot more blog-type features

Making Your Child's Snack A Little Healthier
El Paso News - You've probably heard by now that kids who eat breakfast do better in school. But did you know the same is true when it comes to snacks? Friday, June 9, 2006 — It seems kids who have a healthy snack during school do better the rest of the school

The blame? Ask Chipper, reliever says
Atlanta Journal Constitution - Remmy… the second time around isn’t usually as sweet as the first. You’re living proof of that. Time to let ya go, bro. If ya like your spot on the team, I certainly hope ya come back tomorrow and smooth over your statements, publicly. If not

Woman to Woman
Atlanta Journal Constitution - In March 2006, a Michigan man filed a lawsuit to get off paying child support for his baby. He said his former girlfriend knew he didn’t want kids, and had promised she couldn’t get pregnant. He argued that since it was her choice – not his

Wanna Drive? Graduate!
Atlanta Journal Constitution - I’m against it as well and I don’t have a child old enough to drive. My sister and I received our license at 16 and vehicles. I’ve yet to have an accident or a speeding ticket. The only thing this will do, is “drive up” the number of

1st Ankara Dart Tournament begins
Turkish Daily News - Darts is a very common and old sport and is known all over the world, whereas in Turkey, it is perceived and recognized as a fun bar game. Being a serious sport, darts has some differences from other sports, because men and women of any age can play


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