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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Sunderland Today - It's always stuck in my mind." When Nicola was 17, she lost five stone with Weightwatchers, but immediately stopped going to the classes and "it came back with a vengeance". She said: "I used to go out for a drink with my friends and have fun but I was

Greencore to focus on convenience foods after sugar exit
Ireland On-Line - Its products include a range of pre-prepared sandwiches, prepared meals and the WeightWatchers boxed meals range. In chilled sauces, where Greencore leads with a 41% market share, its annual market growth is now 15%. In cakes, where the overall market

Posh's fury as Fergie flirts with Beckham
Daily Mail - The duchess, who is an ambassador for Weightwatchers and as such did not want to eat too much on the night, no doubt felt she was just being super sociable when she came on a bit too strong to host David Beckham. One party-goer observed: "Fergie was

Fergie, you've been forgiven
Daily Mail - Prince Andrew is often away in his role as roving ambassador while Fergie spends most of her time in New York where she runs children's charities and is an international spokeswoman for WeightWatchers. The Princesses officially live with their

Oatmeal smart for dieter, diabetic or heart patient
Memphis Commercial Appeal - Here are some ideas from folks who contribute to the chat rooms at the Web site: Add fresh fruit, such as sliced bananas, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples, or dried fruit like chopped apricots, raisins or

ET Woman
Peterborough Evening Telegraph - She had been feeling a little unwell for a while, tired, and with various aches and pains. "She had started losing weight, but none of us took any notice as she was going to WeightWatchers to try and lose weight for my sister Louise's wedding in Cyprus

Weight loss 2.0
CNET News - The key to weight loss, I've read a hundred times, is information. Watching and recording what you eat is the necessary first step to any health regimen. There are plenty of food tracking tools out there, including the famous WeightWatchers system

Bored by Bora? The new Jetta weighs in
Belfast Telegraph - The original Jetta could safely be described as a Golf with a boot. The new one is more like a Passat that has been to Weightwatchers. Yes, we are back to the Jetta appellation again. They never lost it in the US. Here we have had the Bora for a few

Wine industry finds strength isn't everything
Daily Telegraph - Some already stock WeightWatchers wine, at 9.5 per cent AbV, and last year the Fosters group introduced the White Lie range in the US ("by women for women"). Next month Early Harvest Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, again at 9.5 per cent, will arrive at

Doctor's diary
Daily Telegraph - Meanwhile, those who are a bit on the plump side and looking to lose a stone or two without the assistance of drugs will be interested to know that a straight comparison of the four most popular regimes, Dr Atkins, the Slim-Fast plan, WeightWatchers


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