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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mountaintop HIking Calendar

Big Bear Grizzly - WeightWatchers receive about 12 activity points. Bring plenty of water. National Forest Adventure Pass is required to park at trailhead, or park free at the Discovery Center and walk to trailhead. Call hike leader Chris Cook at 909-878-4524 for more

ET Woman
Peterborough Evening Telegraph - She had been feeling a little unwell for a while, tired, and with various aches and pains. "She had started losing weight, but none of us took any notice as she was going to WeightWatchers to try and lose weight for my sister Louise's wedding in Cyprus

Fresh meals on the run
Detroit News - Applebee's has a WeightWatchers menu complete with nutritional information and point values for each selection. California Pizza Kitchen's menu is filled with gourmet salads and pizzas loaded with fresh vegetables. Chili's offers a "Guiltless Grill


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