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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New guidelines place emphasis on a healthy diet and exercise

Biloxi Sun Herald - She has also cut her sugar and saturated fat intake. "I do it because I don't want to die an early death," said Windsor, a 40 The guidelines recommend 60 minutes of daily exercise to lose weight and 30 minutes to maintain it. "The 60 minutes in the

Stubborn side dooms Mickelson yet again
El Paso Times - I still am in shock I did that," Mickelson said after making a double bogey 6 on the final hole to lose the U.S. Open on He seemed to be trying to catch his reflection in it, perhaps to see on which cheek good fortune had planted that big, fat

Nestle Adds Jenny Craig Weight-Loss Business to Its Plate
Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel - The deal comes at a time when an innovative advertising campaign documenting the weight loss of "Fat Actress" and "Cheers weight-loss centers started in Australia after Genevieve Guidroz, now Jenny Craig, became frustrated by her efforts to lose

Heart recommendations emphasize calories, exercise
Reuters - The group now urges Americans to cut their intake of cholesterol-raising saturated fat and trans fats even further, but eschews the old advice to limit total fat intake to less than 30 percent of daily calories as a way to lose weight. Instead, the

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Guide
NewsWatch 50 - The puffy tissue that can occur under the eyes, often referred to as 'bags,' is the result of fat deposits, which tend to enlarge as you get older. In addition, the under-eye skin can lose elasticity and begin to droop, contributing to the 'baggy

’Canes claim Stanley Cup
Fort Francis Times - There was no way we were going to lose—that’s the way we played,” said Brind’Amour. The Oilers leave with heads The Oilers struck early, however, and Pisani got his playoff-leading 14th goal at 1:03 by lifting in a fat rebound as he

Group to rally against illegal immigrants
Naples Daily News - and your illegal alien friends will accept the changes to the immigration law that will deport illegal aliens I assume? Fat I'm sure a lot of African-American blacks support anti-illegal immigration, because they have a lot to lose from this invasion


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