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Monday, June 19, 2006

Stay down on the shot for better ball direction

Lakeshore Weekly News - It means that the golfer has retained his or her posture or spine angle while hitting the golf ball. All good players seem to swing with a very quiet head. They still rotate their bodies during the backswing and forward swings. But at impact, they

Causes of diabetes
Chronicle - • DR. BLONZ: It came as a bit of a shock when I was found to have an elevated blood-sugar level. When it happened again, I went through some other tests and was eventually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus. I am 59 with no family history of

An Option to Getting a GED
Hampton Roads Daily Press - To GED or not to GED? That is a question many high school students who are struggling academically ask themselves as they begin to lose hope of ever meeting the requirements to graduate. Traditionally students who decided enough was enough and had

Misery Loves Company: Exercise Buddies Support Physical Activity
Fox 19 - Karen Stein was feeling angry with herself. She had started a new job, with a demanding travel schedule that caused her to add unwanted pounds. As winter ended, Stein* felt so unhappy about her weight gain that she resisted when her friend, Susan

This Week On 'Oprah'
KSAT 12 - It is the question Oprah is asked all the time. "How did she lose the weight and how do I keep it off?" Oprah is going to reveal exactly how she did it and how you can too. Plus, this man lost 500 pounds without surgery. And, this woman is eighty

Growing Nestle goes after weight loss
Los Angeles Daily News - Nestle, the Swiss food giant, is planning to announce today that it has agreed to pay about $600 million for Jenny Craig, the weight loss company that has had a surprise turnaround in recent years as a result of an irreverent advertising campaign

Before Vacation, An Out-of-Office Experience
Washington Post - You know that last day before you leave on vacation? Those last hours when you're crunchin' on a double work pile, trying to get everything finished, but your brain is already splashing in the surf? As the Eagles song says, "You're al-l-l-l-ready


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