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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

TUESDAY, June 13, chat transcript

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (subscription), WI - Jun 13, 2006... bigger than the team's revenue allows because they're not in it to lose money. ... Do you remember any fat cats lining up to buy the club, willing to dump millions ...

Obesity remains a problem in United States
Minnesota Daily, MN - 13 hours ago... Her research shows that teenagers continue to diet to lose weight but end up gaining weight instead. ... �It is very hard not to become fat because of where we ...

Shoot to thrill
Belfast Telegraph, United Kingdom - 10 hours ago... difficult to reconcile my love of animals with killing them, but I hope I never lose that tinge ... I do this for the rest of my life I'm going to get fat and lazy ...

A Hearty Mogambo Thank You
Gold Seek - 7 hours ago... But the Metabolic Syndrome of it is that you get a bloated, fat-clogged, diabetic basket ... it into my face, saying "Because the fees are so high I lose money with ...

Seeing reds brings unexpected green
Houston Chronicle, United States - Jun 12, 2006... to lose gear and fish. Concede the occasional loss, however, and you may win a big tournament � and its $40,000 first prize. Or maybe just a fat redfish for ...

A little taste of Hamburger
Winnipeg Sun, Canada - 11 hours ago... We're in the former camp, so we were thrilled to chew the fat with "America's ... to the local paper saying "This was a disgrace." You tend to lose those bookings. ...

The gentle magnate
Globe and Mail, Canada - Jun 13, 2006... careful with his fortune in part because he knew what he had to lose. ... executive at CTV (another organization of which Mr. Thomson bought a fat and profitable ...

San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - 9 hours agoThey were the biggest, most beautiful white beans I had ever seen, fat and moist ... to take the most restrictive action." If you're not prepared to lose it, leave ...


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