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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Weight Watchers Declares Quarterly Dividend and Authorizes ..., Germany - May 25, 2006... provides innovative, subscription weight management products over the Internet and is the leading Internet-based weight management provider ...

Diet industry: Nestle to buy Jenny Craig, Medifast CEO dumps stock
CalorieLab Calorie Counter News, NV - Jun 18, 2006... The acquisition in June of last year by Weight Watchers International of the affiliate company that operates the online diet web site has ...

African Queen of Mean ; Platell's People
International News Service, Australia - Jun 10, 2006... CAMPAIGNER OF THE WEEK: Is Sarah Ferguson taking her role as international spokeswoman for WeightWatchers a wee bit too seriously when she says 'I am devoted ...

Fergie, you've been forgiven
Daily Mail - UK, UK - Jun 11, 2006... as roving ambassador while Fergie spends most of her time in New York where she runs children's charities and is an international spokeswoman for WeightWatchers ...

Diets really do work but´┐Ż.
Saga Health News, UK - May 31, 2006... The four diet systems were: Slim-Fast, WeightWatchers pure points programme; Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution and Rosemary Conley's eat yourself slim diet and ...

Greencore to focus on convenience foods after sugar exit
Irish Examiner, Ireland - Jun 7, 2006... year old. Its products include a range of pre-prepared sandwiches, prepared meals and the WeightWatchers boxed meals range. In chilled ...

Sunday People, UK - May 27, 2006... happy.". Jackie is now leading her own WeightWatchers class to help other dieters, but her most satisfied customer is hubby David. ...

Bored by Bora? The new Jetta weighs in
Belfast Telegraph, United Kingdom - Jun 1, 2006By Derek Black. The original Jetta could safely be described as a Golf with a boot. The new one is more like a Passat that has been to Weightwatchers. ...

Three cheers for losers
Guardian Unlimited, UK - Jun 17, 2006... Clearly, the ideal play to engage modern minds would be the story of a born-again Christian setting off a suicide bomb at Weightwatchers. Or would it? ...


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