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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What Makes Them Run?

Traverse City Record-Eagle - And some just want to lose weight or draw kudos from their peers. Don't bet on this last group to complete the race. Those runners tend to drop out even before they reach the starting line, according to new research on first-time marathoners. Lead

Misery Loves Company: Exercise Buddies Support Physical Activity
WREG - Others participating alone, or whose support buddies didn't lose weight, did not do as well. Relating to buddies One reason that teaming up with an exercise buddy works is that you see someone who's similar to you doing a physical activity

Survey: New Yorkers shaping up
New York Daily News - New York got a cleaner bill of health than ever at its annual checkup, though the city can stand to lose weight. More New Yorkers are taking better care of themselves by visiting the doctor, smoking less and getting screened for cancer, according to

CFL had no mock draft - or did it? - (04/24)
Vallejo Times-Herald - But the con was, "could stand to lose a few pounds and work harder in the weight room." Apparently, he also tends to lose focus. So he's quick for a big guy, but fat and lazy. Good luck to the team that takes him. - Guess what? The Royals snapped an

Books : The G.I. Diet : The Easy, Healthy Way to Permanent Weight Loss
Science Daily - If you can understand a traffic light, you can understand this diet--and lose weight permanently without feeling hungry, counting calories, or jeopardizing your health. If a food is in the green column, eat it. If it's in the red column, avoid it


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