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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What team more than the Giants needs a morale booster and respectful team player? They got one in Mark Sweeney. 

You believe pro baseball has lost its soul. The national pastime is past its time, you tell your friends, reciting the charges as a prosecutor would list counts of an indictment: Ticket prices that force you to sell your kidneys if you want a decent seat. Skull-cracking music between innings that ...

Yen Rallies as Fukui Hints of Early Rate Rise 
The foreign exchange markets have been extremely quiet today with the dollar giving back a nominal portion of yesterday's gains. Overall, dollar strength remains dominant. With a light economic calendar, consolidation continues to be the main theme amongst the majors.

Fashion retailers chase big profits from 40-and-up 
Suddenly, 35 is hip. Forty is hot. And 50 may quickly become the center of the fashion universe.


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