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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yen Rallies as Fukui Hints of Early Rate Rise

AME Info - the first meeting for new MPC member Blanchflower, who replaced Nickell, a member that was typically known to favor looser The Japanese Yen was the day's biggest mover as the currency strengthened against all of the other majors. The key catalyst

War stress creeps into work life
Detroit Free Press - The biggest adjustment has been the disconnect from coworkers that don't understand what it was like," said Cummings, a His new employer expected him to run his own office and he had a looser set of instructions than he was used to. "I always

Swiss shares fall to new year lows midday in Wall St-inspired sell-off
Forbes - The biggest looser in the Swiss Market was Richemont, last down 3.80 sfr or 6.51 pct at 54.50, after the luxury goods maker published full year results that fell short of market expectations. 'Despite Richemont's positive outlook, 6.5 pct fall is not

Studies find that late payments on mortgages rise
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - three years after loans are made, which means some of the more aggressive loans made last year might experience their biggest In a sign that looser lending standards could be taking their toll, Credit Suisse also found that borrowers who were

Inside the Golfer's Mind
Golf For Women - I will get looser freer and more confident as the round goes on, resisting the urge to get tighter, more careful and The biggest mistake most people make is to let how they play dictate their attitude. If the ball is going where they want it

Brangelina pics were 'fair use'
Out-Law - We're firm in our right to report on Hello's treatment of the story, one of the biggest celebrity media news stories of the In the US, though, the 'fair use' exemption is looser and wider and tends to take more account of public interest